Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy details our commitment to maintaining the privacy of our customers whilst also exercising our rights to collect important marketing information about visitors to and customers of our website. 

What Personal Information do we collect? 

When you visit our website, we automatically receive information relating to your visit including: the time zone your device is located in, your IP address, information about your browser, and information related to ‘cookies’ that are installed on your device. This automatically retrieved information provides us with valuable information relating to the location, common activity, and basic information regarding our customer base.

The information we collect regarding location and activity is gathered automatically by the following means: 

  • ‘Web beacons’ or ‘pixel tags’, which unobtrusively mark what each visitor has viewed on our site.
  • ‘Cookies’, which also track the visitor’s browsing activity, and can perform useful tasks for visitors such as saving items placed in the shopping cart. To learn more about ‘Cookies’ and the effects of disabling them when browsing, please visit the following site:
  • Log files, which record in sequence and timestamp the activities of a visitor whilst they remain on our website. This provides us with information such as common browsing times and searching sequences, which further enable us to optimize our website. 

Customer Information

When a customer makes a purchase through our website, we will collect additional information for the purpose of future correspondence and internal bookkeeping. This information pertains to a customer’s name, billing and shipping details, payment information - such as credit card numbers, email addresses and phone numbers. These pieces of information are retained internally and are treated with absolute confidentiality. 

This information is collected purely to facilitate the fulfillment of your order, including the processing of payments, the arrangement of shipping, and additional contact requirements such as the arrangement of invoices, order confirmations, and any ongoing communication that may be required regarding your order. 

With your permission, we may also use this order information in the dissemination of marketing material. 

Sharing of Personal Information

As a part of our business practices, we share the information collected from each visitor/customer of our website with third parties for the purposes of data analysis. These third parties include common entities such as Shopify and Google Analytics. In every case, this sharing of information relates strictly to marketing purposes.

In order to read more about Shopify’s analysis of customer’s personal information please visit:

Web users have the opportunity to ‘opt-out’ of Google Analytics’s personal information collection. They can do so by visiting:

In addition to these analytical collections, we may - under certain circumstances - be required by laws and regulations to share customer’s personal information in response to a subpoena, a search warrant, or any other lawful request for information, or to otherwise protect our legal rights. 

Behavioral Advertising

Based upon the data we collect relating to your activities on our website, we will provide you with targeted advertisements or marketing communications relating to specific sales events or product releases which relate to your search or purchase history. 

In order to ‘opt-out’ of any targeted advertising, please follow the links below: 

You may also wish to ‘opt-out’ of these services by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance’s ‘opt-out’ portal:

Do Not Track

If you have enabled ‘Do Not Track’ requests in your internet browser, please be aware that this is merely a request, and for our marketing and business practices, we will be unable to alter our data collection processes. 


This website is not intended for individuals under the age of 16 and any minor visiting our site will require their parent or guardian’s express consent to do so. Any violation of this policy is at the sole responsibility of the individual in violation. 


We may update this privacy policy at any time without notice required, to reflect variations in our business, operational, legal, or regulatory practices. 

Data Retention

When you place an order through our website, we will retain your information for our business records unless and until you ask us to delete this information. 

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us for any clarification on any of the above information, or for any other questions relating to your use of our services.