How to apply our fragrance oil?

Attars have been used since ancient times and were once the fragrances of choice for Emperors and their Queens. In those days, Royalty would apply a drop of attar to the pulse points of the wrist, and the backs of their hands to spread the absorbing aroma with them as they walked through their palaces. Attars are now commonly associated with their use in modern day India, but their application remains much the same.

We recommend that a simple dab from the dousing rod be applied to the wearer’s wrist, and then to lightly rub this point with the palm of your opposite hand. Repeat the process for each wrist and gently dab the collected scent on the palms of your hands to the pulse points on the left and right side of the neck. This will ensure even coverage without it becoming overpowering.

Things to consider before applying Attar

When applying an Attar, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure your hands are thoroughly washed,
  • Synthetic Attars can cause irritation to certain skin types, so we always recommend the use of natural Attars,
  • Attars are best handled with a little moisture on your hands. This enhances their aroma,
  • Dark Attars may stain lighter coloured clothes, so please avoid contact with fabrics,
  • Always treat your fragrances hygienically by strictly following the application directions.


Experimental Ways to Apply Attars:

 One very effective way to apply your Attars is by gently dipping a piece of cotton in your chosen Attar and placing the cotton in the front pocket of your shirt, or inside the collar of your shirt. This will bring you long-lasting fragrance without the need to apply to the skin.