About Us

We at Shukran are a close-knit team of passionate scent providers based in the heart of Sydney who are bringing our experience in the perfume industry and knowledge of the exotic perfumeries of the Middle East directly to our customers. We began as a small hobby venture, but later expanded to provide our customers with the most exotic, enticing scents - unlike anything else offered in the West. We are passionate about ensuring that our perfumes begin with the highest quality raw materials, and are developed using only the techniques refined by years of expertise and awareness to provide our customers with the most superior, complex fragrances available anywhere in the world. 

Our mission has always been to provide the best balance of long-lasting, exotic, aromatic, and delightful perfumes and scents to our customers at the most reasonable price. Whether you are after a scent that is floral, or gentle, or a scent that is powerful and wild, we have the range to cater for you. With the highest quality scents direct from the Middle East, we bring a unique flavour to the perfume market in Australia, but our perfumes and scents are also available for consumption worldwide. 

As a close-knit, passionate team, we value our customers’ satisfaction above all else, which is why we never compromise on quality and seek to always provide the best offerings and greatest value to our loyal clientele. 

Explore our range today to find out for yourself the exceptional quality and amazing exoticism we offer!